Community-contributed packages related to the CernVM FileSystem

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Welcome to cvmfs-contrib

cvmfs-contrib is a place for collecting software packages related to the CernVM Filesystem (CVMFS) that are contributed by the community and not supported by the CVMFS development team. It is hosted both on a github organization and on an OpenSUSE Build Service (OBS) project. The packages are built into the OBS project’s yum repositories for Redhat Enterprise Linux and derivatives, and in some cases packages are also built into its apt repositories for Debian and Ubuntu.

If you have any issues with a particular package, please submit a github issue for that package. If you would like to request adding a new package or have a question about the cvmfs-contrib project as a whole, please send it to Membership in that mailing list is managed through the CERN groups manager.

Enabling installing from cvmfs-contrib yum repositories

In order to enable installing from the cvmfs-contrib yum repository run the following command:

sudo yum install -y

Enabling installing from cvmfs-contrib apt repositories

In order to enable installing from the cvmfs-contrib apt repository run the following commands:

sudo dpkg -i cvmfs-contrib-release-latest_all.deb
rm -f cvmfs-contrib-release-latest_all.deb
sudo apt-get update